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LMT Continuing Education

We offer a variety of continuing education classes suitable for every learning type and level. Our classes are designed to give you the skills and the knowledge you need to thrive in your career.

Hands On Training

Receive hands on training by highly skilled instructors. Gain knowledge of various techniques (massage, body work, eastern medicine, energy work, and emotional release), gain an understanding  to provide a custom massage to help the individual’s body heal itself.

Classroom Education

Continuing education for LMT (Licensed Massage Therapists). Learn the fundamental principals of massage in a classroom setting.

Current Class Offerings

Continuing Education Classes

Advanced Massage

Students will learn the correct technique for deep tissue massage and the various strokes involved. They will learn how to treat musculoskeletal issues by applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target inner layers of muscles and connective tissue.

Seated Massage

In this class students will learn how to do seated massages in massage chairs and how to

do a seated massage when a massage chair isn’t available. The techniques you will learn will help you know how to perform this type of massage without harming your own body.


Students will learn the Chinese meridians and how they flow, as well as recognizing the flow and noticing blockage. They will learn how to relieve the blockage so that the energy can flow correctly and encourage health in the body.

Structural Bodywork

Structural bodyworker has the potential to measurably lengthen myofascial tissue. If this is accomplished, there is the possibility of achieving permanent structural and functional changes.

Sports Massage

This class will explore the many applications of massage in various sports settings and common techniques used. Sports massage is a more specific massage in which the science is applied to the art of massage for the health and well-being of the athlete and to enhance athletic performance.


Students will learn the use of water in all forms for the maintenance and improvement of health. They will learn to work with water in all forms: liquid, vapor and ice.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, hands on approach to bodywork. It focuses on the central nervous system. Students will learn how to find restrictions and/or compression's in these areas and use specifically designed techniques to relieve these areas.

Trigger Point Massage

Neck Release

Learn trigger point techniques focusing on relieving tension in the neck. Learn how to apply direct pressure or friction to release the tension from trigger points, which can help to relieve pain and reduce tightness in the muscles.

Trigger Point Massage

Lower Back & Hip Release

Learn trigger point techniques focusing on relieving tension in the lower back and hips. This can help to reduce pain and tightness, as well as improve range of motion and flexibility. 

Infant Massage

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and perform infant massage, as well as teach parents how to perform infant massage on their own baby.

Facilitated Stretching

Facilitated stretching is based on several neurophysiological mechanisms in the body. A review of these mechanisms will provide the basic understanding you need to perform the techniques properly. Having a good grasp of these theoretical underpinnings will also help them to improvise new stretches not covered in this class.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork wherein both the client and therapist are fully dressed, the therapist performs shiatsu with stretching, acupressure, and massage pressure.

Massage Therapy

Students will be introduced to the history of massage, learn the basic strokes and have them explained, understand the effects of massage on the body including the circulatory and nervous system, and learn the contraindications and indications of massage.

Recovery Massage

Recovery massage is designed to find the cause of dysfunction and help relieve chronic and acute pain by using specific and deep techniques to stimulate individual muscle fibers. The goal of recovery massage is to help the client become pain free.

Touch for Health

Students will learn about the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians.

Breathing Workshop

Learn proper breathing techniques. We will guide you through a series of exercises and discuss how proper breathing can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional well being. 

Lymphatic Massage

Learn to stimulate the body’s natural lymphatic system and promote increased circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. It can help to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by a variety of health conditions, as well as improve overall lymphatic health. 

Movement for Massage

Students will learn to use correct body mechanics so that they can maintain their own good health throughout their career.

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